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  • GOLDEN COCONUT SUGAR: A natural sweetener, made only from the coconut blossom nectar of the coconut tree. With a light and clean taste, these fine crystals dissolve quickly in drinks and blend well in recipes – a delicious upgrade from white cane sugar
  • THE BENEFITS: An organic, unrefined, unprocessed alternative to cane sugar or raw sugar. Our coconut sugar is rich in essential minerals and aminos acids and can be a 1:1 substitute for refined cane sugar
  • USDA ORGANIC: Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, Low GI, Keto, Fair Trade and Unrefined. Perfect for baking, cooking, beverages and more!
  • GLYCEMIC INDEX: Our Coconut Sugar has a glycemic index rating of "Low" versus cane sugar which is rated "High" which makes it a better alternative for special diets
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Coconut Trees produce 50-75% more sugar per acre than cane sugar. Coconut Blossom regenerates every 14 days and a coconut tree can produce nectar for 40 years so they are never cut down after each harvest
  • ORGANIC FARMERS: We work with over 10,000 organic farmer-producers throughout Indonesia, who harvest the nectar twice a day, all year long
  • VERTICALLY INTEGRATED: We own the process from Tree to Table which enables us to protect the integrity of our products and allows us to work with the farmers to implement practices to mitigate our impact on the planet.

Big Tree Farms Organic Coconut Sugar, Vegan, Gluten Free, Certified Kosher


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